Monday, 30 November 2015

Menu Plan (30th November 2015)

Well, I am actually getting this post up on the right day. I have got a really busy week ahead and I am away with work for three days this week. I am not planning for those days as Craig never sticks to them anyway. I am trying to get everything ready for tomorrow as I have advent stockings to complete that have taken longer than I thought. I am going to have to cheat to get them up in time and then finish them properly once they are taken down. we are also going to put the Christmas decorations up at the weekend.

I will be posting the crafts I have made for Christmas later this week but for now here is the menu plan.

Monday - Ham & Cheese Toasties
Tuesday - Chilli con Carne and Rice
Wednesday - Craig to sort out
Thursday- Craig to sort out
Friday - Ladies to Dine / Pizza for the kids
Saturday - Chicken and Bacon pie (did not get made last time)
Sunday - Beef and Ale Stew with vegetables and Dumplings.

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Have a good week, even if it is busy.


Monday, 23 November 2015

Menu Plan (23rd November 2015)

I am really bad at remembering to post my menu plans every week. I really must try harder. Even having them written down hasn't reminded to post.

I made a special effort to remind myself to post this week's plan so here it is.

Monday- BLT sandwich
Tuesday - Chicken Kievs, Chips and Veg
Wednesday - Cheesy Chicken Pasta (normally would use spaghetti but have loads of pasta and no spaghetti)
Thursday - Sausage, Mashed potatoes and peas/beans
Friday - Take away
Saturday - Chicken and Bacon Pie
Sunday - Roast Beef Dinner.

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Hope everyone in America has a Happy Thanksgiving. 


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Planning for Christmas

There is now less than 2 months to go until Christmas. Has anyone started panicking  yet?

Over the years I have tried several strategies to try and make sure that I am not leaving things to the last minute. I also generally manage to take on too many projects and then find that I do not have time to do them all.

There are several websites that can help you get organised. My favourite has been They run two plans that will help you clean, organise and prepare for Christmas. They are the Christmas Countdown and the House & HolidaysPlan.  If you sign up for these then you will receive reminder emails to keep you on track.

If you don’t want to go that in depth then Real Simple have a simpler checklist which can be found at

Both of these sites are American based and also cover Thanksgiving. Alison May at Brocantehome has produced a Christmas Countdown which is available to purchase on her website. 

If like me you like making lists then there are plenty of example s of Christmas planners that are available to download, some  you have to pay for and some are free. I tend to download pages from Organized Christmas that I know I will use.

I personally have tried various ways of planning over the years and have developed my own plan.

October Half term – Make Christmas Cake
End of November- All presents bought.
First Weekend in December – put Christmas decorations up
First week in December – all cards written and posted.
Second week December- all presents wrapped.
The week leading up to Christmas (book off work)- Last minute things, food shopping if needed (every other year)

I don’t include deadlines for craft projects as I always try to do too much and invariably end up failing to complete them. This year I have almost managed to complete all the craft projects I have set for myself but that is only because of going to the WI craft club and working on them there. I will post pictures when they are all complete.
I have a calendar printed out and in my Christmas planner where I write in things we are doing and then in November and December I pin them up in the kitchen so everyone can see what is going on. This also avoids double booking which has happened in the past.

I don’t have set dates simply because lots of other things crop up last minute so I leave plenty of time just in case I don’t meet the original deadline.

How do you plan or organise Christmas.?  I am always looking for new tips to improve my own organisation.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Menu Plan (2nd November 2015)

Well as I expected we did not stick to the menu plan for last week. Craig decided to do hos own thing with the kids for most of the week and I was left to fend for myself. Back to normal this week however now they are back in school and college.

Autumn has now definitely kicked in and so more comfort meals are coming on board. Some new and some tried and tested. Thursday should be the only meal that we are eating out and Craig will have to cook on Sunday as Emma and I are going out to start the Christmas shopping with my Mum and Sister.

Monday - Slow cooked chicken in a mushroom sauce with rice
Tuesday - Quesadillas or Calzone (depending on who wants what)
Wednesday - Sloppy Joe Pasta Bake
Thursday - Bonfire Night Party at my Mother in Laws
Friday - Pan fried Jerk pork with vegetables
Saturday - Moussaka

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Hope you have a good week.