Monday, 14 December 2015

Menu Plan (14th December 2015)

I finally feel that I am catching up with everything. This week is yet another busy week, I am only at home on Thursday evening. My sister has arrived from Australia for Christmas and we have a few things arranged with her. Tonight is the final craft club before Christmas, tomorrow I am going to see Caro Emerald in Manchester and on Friday is my work's Christmas meal. 

I am looking forward to next week when I am off work and by then everything should be done and I can relax.

Meals are quick and simple this week or will need forward preparation.

Monday - Pizza
Tuesday - Macaroni Cheese ( Emma is cooking for her and Matthew as Craig is also out)
Wednesday - Curried Mince Beef and rice. (My sister has requested this and it is Craig's signature dish)
Thursday - Twice baked potatoes and salad
Friday - Craig to sort out
Saturday - We are all at a pantomine and will be eating out beforehand
Sunday - Fish and Chips.

I am trying to empty the freezer ready to defrost when I am off work. We are not at home for Christmas so there is no need for me to stock up. I want the freezer ready so that I can cook meals to freeze to save time in the New Year.

What is everybody else doing for meals this week? Are a lot of you at Christmas parties?

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Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Trees are up.

I love putting the trees up as both of the trees we put up are special to me in different ways. The decorations in the back room are classic colours and were chosen so that no matter what the colours of the room they would match. Also the room can be very dark so the lighter colours also help.

The tree and decorations in the front room are my favourites because they have been chosen or made by the kids over the years or are from my first tree. I also have a collection of Disney discs which are dated. I was gutted when they decided not to do them this year.

I don't do real trees because I do not like the smell of them. I rush past the tree at work holding my breath and I certainly do not do pine scented disinfectant.

Joining the craft club at the WI also gave me the ability to do and complete some Christmas crafts. The two trees I took into work to brighten up the office. I did post the boot on Instagram but not the completed wreath. I also made 3 others for my Mum and sisters. This has been the first year I have actually made things instead of just thinking about making something.

 I love looking at other people's decorations and I do suffer from decoration envy. I would love the house to be covered in garlands and lights and poinsettias but part of me would get rather irritated with the amount of things out especially once Christmas was over.

I hope you are all having fun and preparations are going well.


Monday, 7 December 2015

Menu Plan (7th December 2015)

Another busy week ahead, but at least this week I am not travelling with work. I have however got 2 WI meetings and I am going to my favourite Garden Centre to see their Christmas displays. My Sister has also landed home for Christmas from Australia with my nephews so I will be trying to spend time with her as well.  Meals are going to be quick and simple and try to use as much as I can from the freezer and cupboards to make room for the Christmas food.

Monday - Burger, Fries and Salad
Tuesday - Chicken Pittas and crudites
Wednesday  - Chicken Noodle Soup
Thursday - Shepherds Pies
Friday- Soft shell Tacos
Saturday - eating with in-laws 
Sunday - out most of the day so probably something I can put in the slow cooker.

Are you still busy in the run up to Christmas?

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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

24 Days of Christmas

How quickly is this year going?

I was up rather late trying to finish off some advent stockings ( which I failed) before sorting out the kids advent calendars. We have ones that you can reuse every year, so I just put chocolate coins in each year and a joke in Matthews’s. I have a Yankee Candle one this year for the first time. I have wanted one of those for several years so this year I decided to treat myself and I used my Boots points, so in effect I got it for free.

Every year we try to do some family activity together each day. Unfortunately this week I am away with work so I have chosen activities which the kids can do even if Craig goes out. On Friday, Craig and I are out so our usual Film night will be child only. I feel really guilty about leaving them to their own devices especially at this time of year but I hope we can still have lots of fun and family time.
Some of these activities are quick for when time is short but at weekends I do try to choose activities that last longer.

My list this year is as follows.

1-     Open Christmas mugs
2-     Make paper chains
3-     Read Christmas story book
4-     Watch Christmas movie
5-     Put up Christmas trees
6-     Write out Christmas cards for school friends and neighbours
7-     Make paper Christmas snowflakes
8-     Choose new decorations for tree
9-     Go to Bent’s garden centre to look at Christmas displays
10-  Drink homemade hot chocolate using chocolate syrup and stirring with chocolate spoons
11-  Create a memory box of Christmas past
12-  Visit Tatton Park to see the house decorated for Christmas
13-  Go to Barton Square once dark to see the lights and go on the carousel
14-  Watch a Christmas movie
15-  Do a Christmas jigsaw
16-  Watch funny Christmas related Youtube clips
17-  Wrap presents
18-  Sing along with Christmas carols
19-  Pantomine
20-  Bake cookies
21-  Deliver presents to family
22-  Snow play at Chill Factor
23-  Visit to Father Christmas ( go with my  Sister and Nephews who are over from Australia)
24-  Pizza night with my family

Do you have any activities or traditions that you do each year?  I would love to know.