Monday, 15 February 2016

Menu Plan (15th February 2016)

Short and sweet, feeling a bit blah.

In work Monday and Tuesday and off for the rest of the week. Electric board coming to do some work and visit to the dentist. Highlight of the week is visiting the National Media Museum at Bradford. Emma is doing a Media course so it should be of interest to her and there is a gaming gallery for Matthew.

Monday - Chicken and broccoli pasta bake
Tuesday - Quick and simple - all eating at different times and places
Wednesday - Out for the day so wherever takes our fancy
Thursday - Slimming World Singapore Vermicelli
Friday -  Slow cooked beef brisket
Saturday- Steak Hotpot
Sunday - Crispy duck with pancakes and dim sum

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Enjoy your week whatever it may bring.


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Menu Plan (8th February 2016)

Things have been a bit manic and completely forgot to post on Monday. But better late than never.

Monday - Sausages and Broccoli in Giant Yorkshire puddings with gravy

Tuesday - Pancakes (of course)

Wednesday - Spaghetti Carbonara with garlic bread

Thursday - Pizza for the Kids. Craig and I are out at a Masonic Ladies to Dine

Friday - Steak and Salad

Saturday - Moussaka

Sunday - Roast Dinner 

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Hope you are having a good week.


Sunday, 7 February 2016

What I have been up to in January

What have I been doing
January was been busy work wise and I have been away quite a lot so I haven’t had much time to do things I want. The only non-work related day out was to St Anne’s near Blackpool to sort out mine and Craig’s Ladies Evening. We went to the hotel it is being held in to discuss layouts, menus and timings. It is like organising a wedding but on a very strict budget.

What I have been reading
Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Wisenberger. 

It has been 10 years since Andy quit Runway magazine and she now runs a successful Wedding Magazine with Emily (the 1st Assistant). But the shadow of Miranda Priestly is never far away as Elias Clark want to buy the magazine which puts Miranda back in charge.
I always wondered what happened to Andy and it was good to see that she hadn’t let her experience with Miranda affect her completely. I was surprised that she became business partners with Emily as Emily’s character in the first book seems very different. The book doesn’t really throw up any surprises and it is good when you just want something you don’t have to think too deeply about.

What I have been Crafting
Trying to keep up with my crafts but it has been difficult to find the time with working away. I have however made this cushion

I want to practise different types of quilting squares so I have started on a sampler quilt from the Art of quilting magazine. I don’t think I will buy the series as there are enough experts to help me at the quilting club.

During the craft club session I am working on completing this cross stitch sampler. I actually started this when Emma was a baby and she is now 16. It was stuck in a box for way to many years and when the craft club started then I decided I needed to get this finished.

What I have been watching
I don’t really watch much TV but Mr Selfridge and Call the Midwife start and end my weekend. I love anything that is set in the early to mid 20th century. I was gutted when Downton Abbey ended and cried at the last episode.

As a family we are watching Agents of Shield. Craig and the kids are Marvel mad and will watch repeatedly any Marvel film or TV programme. I like Agent Carter but more for the costumes and hair.

Apart from one session in the gym whilst being away then I have done nothing. It is hard to get motivated to do any exercise but it is something I need to work on and actively make more time.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Organising Challenge Weeks 2 & 3

Week 2’s challenge was to organise papers and get rid of old paperwork. Unfortunately that didn’t happen until week 3. Instead I did week 15’s challenge of sorting out Shoes and Handbags. This came about because I ended up buying a new chest of drawers. Whilst I was sorting the new drawers out I decided to extend that to sorting out and tidying my wardrobe and my divan drawers. I ended up with a large black bin bag full of belts, ½ dozen pair of shoes and several handbags. My shoes and bags now fit better into the spaces allocated for them.

I could not believe how much paperwork I had accumulated that was no longer necessary. I shredded most of it as it still had personal information on it and as you can see it nearly filled the recycling bin

I have moved the filing cabinet out of the garage and have utilised an expanding folder in which to keep bills and paperwork related to this year only

The filing cabinet is only used for paperwork and documents that we have to keep such as passports, certificates, car info, mortgage etc.

Whilst I was doing this I also did the next challenge of making a note of all the account numbers and contact info into my planner so if I ever need them I am not scrabbling around for it.

I have a feeling that I will not be sticking to the dates I set in the challenge as Craig is on about sorting the garage and office out and they are not scheduled for at least another 9 -10 weeks. As long as the challenges get done then that is fine by me.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Menu Plan (1st February 2016)

I cannot believe how quickly January went. I have been working away from home for the last two weeks hence the lack of menu planning as Craig wouldn't stick to it.  I am away this week but only for one night.

I am going to try and lose weight. Ideally I would like to lose 14lbs but I am quite happy if it takes all year as when I have lost weight quickly in the past then it has gone on again. I am looking to change my eating habits rather than following a strict diet. Saying that I bought the Slimming World magazine and did like the look of a lot of the recipes and will be trying them out in the coming weeks.

Monday - Spaghetti Bolognese
Tuesday - Slow cooked beef stew
Wednesday - Craig to decide (Working away)
Thursday - Chicken Fajitas
Friday -Slimming World Fish and Chips
Saturday - Chicken Curry
Sunday - Slimming World Roast Dinner

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Have a good week