Saturday, 1 August 2015

Kitchen Appliances- Dust gatherers or Life Savers

Our combination oven/microwave gave up the ghost on us about two months ago. We had had it for 13 years so we could not complain. It was  about a week to payday so we thought we would wait until then to get another. Craig wanted to get another combination oven but I wasn’t bothered and was happy to get just a basic microwave as we did not really use all the features that were available.
As of today and we still have not bought a replacement as both of us realised we did not really miss it. There has only been one time when it was missed and that was when some food needed reheating. I have decided that most things I used to do in the microwave (porridge and scrambled eggs) actually taste better when done on the hob even if they do take a couple of minutes longer. So I am not going to rush to buy a replacement any time soon.
This got me thinking about other kitchen appliances we have and could we do without. My husband would not replace the dishwasher if it broke as he never uses it saying he does a better job. He doesn’t complain though when I load the dishwasher when he can’t be bothered to wash the dishes after dinner.
Craig loves his gadgets and appliances but in most cases for me they are nothing but dust collectors. We have a perfectly good oven and hob that will cook everything we need so why take up work top space with gadgets that cost money and don’t always save you time. Such items include, a George Foreman grill, an electric pan that is supposed to save you using your hob rings, a sandwich toaster and a Halogen oven. All of those things are currently sat unused on top of the fridge or on a shelf in the garage. The only time I find appliances useful are if they are able to do something  which we are unable to do. In my house this is my Nespresso Coffee Machine, Nutri Ninja and my electric mixer. I also use my slow cooker quite a lot as we have a gas oven and I don’t really fancy leaving the oven on when there is no-one in the house.
I have obviously not included the washing machine as I think for most people it is an essential alongside the fridge freezer and the oven. My tumble dryer I only really use in winter. Even in summer when the weather is bad I will put the clothes on the airer to dry in the house as they still dry within the day.
What kitchen appliances could you not live without and what have you bought and never used? I would love to hear people’s opinions.