Monday, 4 January 2016

My 52 Weeks Organising Challenge

As mentioned in my New Year's Resolutions I want to get the house organised. As much as I would like to do it all in one go, with work, the W.I and family I know that isn't going to happen. I have decided to do the organising over the whole year and organise an area at a time.

So below is my 52 weeks of organising list. Obviously this is unique to my home and family but feel free to use the list as inspiration for creating your own challenge list.

Week 1
Take down Christmas decorations
Transfer important dates to planner

Week 2
Sort out paperwork and shred anything more than 3 years old (unless still needed)

Week 3
Make a note of account numbers and contact numbers in planner

Week 4
Decide what home maintenance needs to be done and create a schedule and budget.

Week 5
Sort out digital files on computers and USB sticks

Week 6
Create album files on computer for digital photos

Week 7
Label chargers and Cables

Week 8
Declutter office

Week 9
Organise crafting stuff into one location

Week 10
Tidy & Declutter ½ of kitchen cabinets

Week 11
Tidy & declutter other ½ of kitchen cabinets

Week 12
Organise and declutter garage

Week 13
De-clutter under stairs

Week 14
De-clutter under bed storage

Week 15
Sort through shoes and handbags

Week 16
Declutter toys

Week 17
Go through Craig's wardrobe and organise

Week 18
Organise and clear out metal filing cabinet

Week 19
Season switch on my wardrobe and declutter

Week 20
Sort out kids wardrobes

Week 21
Camping Equipment

Week 22
Defrost freezers

Week 23
Cupboard in front room

Week 24
Storage in back room

Week 25
My stuff in loft

Week 26
Craig’s stuff in loft.

Week 27

Week 28
Outdoor area and storage

Week 29
Junk Drawers

Week 30
Baking supplies and cookery books

Week 31
Organise things needed for holiday

Week 32
Holiday packing

Week 33
Organise holiday stuff

Week 34
Back to school/college prep

Week 35
Desk supplies

Week 36
Computer games and characters

Week 37 (Back to school)
Homework area

Week 38
First aid supplies/ Medicine

Week 39
Herbs and spices

Week 40
Season switch wardrobes and declutter

Week 41
Supplies for Christmas crafts

Week 42
Create desk area for me

Week 43
Bedding and towels

Week 44
Storage of important documents

Week 45
Costume jewellery sort out

Week 46
Christmas supplies inventory and purchase

Week 47
Write Christmas cards

Week 48
Christmas decorations put up and ones not going to be used passed on 

Week 49
Defrost Freezer

Week 50
Wrapping presents

Week 51
Last minute Christmas stuff

Week 52
Prepare for New Year

I plan on giving updates each week as to my progress.

I hope those of you who are also planning to get organised this year are able to achieve your goals.

Best Wishes