Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year and Resolutions for 2016

Well 2015 is now behind us and it was certainly a busy year for me and 2016 shows no signs of being any slower.  Unlike past years where I haven’t set any resolutions this year I am going to so that I do not feel that I am ‘fire-fighting’  and just reacting to events. I want to feel more in control and organised.

So my resolutions are
1)      Get the house organised
I have felt that the last couple of years we have been collecting so much stuff that there is no room for anything and it is becoming harder to find things and a few times I have gone and bought something and then found I already had the same thing in a cupboard or drawer. Each week I am going to organise one area of my house and hopefully get rid of all the excess items we have so that cleaning and tidying will be easier.
2)      Set up a cleaning plan and stick to it.
I am not doing a strict ‘on this day I am going to do this’ because my life cannot be based around such a strict routine with working away and Craig hates being stuck in routines. I will come up with a plan to cover daily, weekly and zone cleaning to try to help me keep on top of things and not ignore areas that I don’t like doing.
3)      Eat healthier and exercise more.
I am now getting at the age where my weight is beginning to creep upwards without seemingly any change in my habits. I am not happy with this so I have to do something about it. I am not going to join a slimming club or take out a gym membership. Instead for the first couple of months I am going to concentrate on changing my eating habits and building up exercise level. I have a couple of apps with HIIT workouts and 30 day challenges to do which I am going to start with as gyms and exercise classes are going to be too busy or full for a couple of months as everybody is enthusiastic about their resolutions.

I am going to use this blog as my motivation to keep up with these resolutions and I would love to hear what your resolutions are and how you are going to keep motivated.