Monday, 9 May 2016

Menu Plan (7th May 2016)

Didn't we have a glorious weekend! I hope everyone managed to get out at some point and enjoy it. I went out for a walk with the ladies from my WI around Blackleach Country Park which I have never walked around before despite it only being a few miles down the road.

I am not feeling inspired to cook this week. Craig is out practically every night and we have loads of food in the freezer, so I am trying to use what is in there.

Monday - Beefburgers (extras Craig had bought yesterday for the impromptu Barbecue we had)
Tuesday - Craig to sort out as I have to go to help set up the room for the WI Charity Fashion show straight after work.
Wednesday - Jacket potato, beans and salad
Thursday - Chicken wraps and salad (no wrap for me)
Friday  - Pizza for the kids, not sure what I will have.
Saturday - Pulled pork, fries, sweet potato fries and salad
Sunday - Shepherds pie with sweet potato mash, baby corn and mangetout.

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Hope you all have a good week.