Thursday, 2 June 2016

I have a Youtube Channel!

I enjoy learning how to do new things all the time. One thing I have been wanting to do for a while was to learn how to video edit. Craig has done some in the past for family and Emma is studying Media at College so has also done it. In the past anything computer related I have generally left to Craig but this time I decided I wanted to do this myself. 

I obviously needed something to put in the video and one of the things I enjoy watching most on Youtube is the Day in the Life vlogs. So I decided to take the plunge and as I was off work last week with Matthew I thought I would record what I did.

I was surprised at how much footage I filmed even though most of the individual clips were quite short. When it came to doing the editing I ended up referring to Youtube to find out how to use the software as we do not have any manuals-not that they make much sense to me anyway. I know that it is still a little rough around the edges but I did everything I wanted to put in it. 

Why not check it out.

(I know there are two videos on there but Craig did the Zoo video and I hadn't really set up the channel properly.)

I hope to be able to do more videos soon as sometimes it is easier to show on film what I want to say rather than write it down.

See you soon.