Monday, 14 December 2015

Menu Plan (14th December 2015)

I finally feel that I am catching up with everything. This week is yet another busy week, I am only at home on Thursday evening. My sister has arrived from Australia for Christmas and we have a few things arranged with her. Tonight is the final craft club before Christmas, tomorrow I am going to see Caro Emerald in Manchester and on Friday is my work's Christmas meal. 

I am looking forward to next week when I am off work and by then everything should be done and I can relax.

Meals are quick and simple this week or will need forward preparation.

Monday - Pizza
Tuesday - Macaroni Cheese ( Emma is cooking for her and Matthew as Craig is also out)
Wednesday - Curried Mince Beef and rice. (My sister has requested this and it is Craig's signature dish)
Thursday - Twice baked potatoes and salad
Friday - Craig to sort out
Saturday - We are all at a pantomine and will be eating out beforehand
Sunday - Fish and Chips.

I am trying to empty the freezer ready to defrost when I am off work. We are not at home for Christmas so there is no need for me to stock up. I want the freezer ready so that I can cook meals to freeze to save time in the New Year.

What is everybody else doing for meals this week? Are a lot of you at Christmas parties?

Linking to Organising Junkie to see what everybody else is enjoying.