Tuesday, 1 December 2015

24 Days of Christmas

How quickly is this year going?

I was up rather late trying to finish off some advent stockings ( which I failed) before sorting out the kids advent calendars. We have ones that you can reuse every year, so I just put chocolate coins in each year and a joke in Matthews’s. I have a Yankee Candle one this year for the first time. I have wanted one of those for several years so this year I decided to treat myself and I used my Boots points, so in effect I got it for free.

Every year we try to do some family activity together each day. Unfortunately this week I am away with work so I have chosen activities which the kids can do even if Craig goes out. On Friday, Craig and I are out so our usual Film night will be child only. I feel really guilty about leaving them to their own devices especially at this time of year but I hope we can still have lots of fun and family time.
Some of these activities are quick for when time is short but at weekends I do try to choose activities that last longer.

My list this year is as follows.

1-     Open Christmas mugs
2-     Make paper chains
3-     Read Christmas story book
4-     Watch Christmas movie
5-     Put up Christmas trees
6-     Write out Christmas cards for school friends and neighbours
7-     Make paper Christmas snowflakes
8-     Choose new decorations for tree
9-     Go to Bent’s garden centre to look at Christmas displays
10-  Drink homemade hot chocolate using chocolate syrup and stirring with chocolate spoons
11-  Create a memory box of Christmas past
12-  Visit Tatton Park to see the house decorated for Christmas
13-  Go to Barton Square once dark to see the lights and go on the carousel
14-  Watch a Christmas movie
15-  Do a Christmas jigsaw
16-  Watch funny Christmas related Youtube clips
17-  Wrap presents
18-  Sing along with Christmas carols
19-  Pantomine
20-  Bake cookies
21-  Deliver presents to family
22-  Snow play at Chill Factor
23-  Visit to Father Christmas ( go with my  Sister and Nephews who are over from Australia)
24-  Pizza night with my family

Do you have any activities or traditions that you do each year?  I would love to know.