Monday, 1 February 2016

Menu Plan (1st February 2016)

I cannot believe how quickly January went. I have been working away from home for the last two weeks hence the lack of menu planning as Craig wouldn't stick to it.  I am away this week but only for one night.

I am going to try and lose weight. Ideally I would like to lose 14lbs but I am quite happy if it takes all year as when I have lost weight quickly in the past then it has gone on again. I am looking to change my eating habits rather than following a strict diet. Saying that I bought the Slimming World magazine and did like the look of a lot of the recipes and will be trying them out in the coming weeks.

Monday - Spaghetti Bolognese
Tuesday - Slow cooked beef stew
Wednesday - Craig to decide (Working away)
Thursday - Chicken Fajitas
Friday -Slimming World Fish and Chips
Saturday - Chicken Curry
Sunday - Slimming World Roast Dinner

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Have a good week