Monday, 15 February 2016

Menu Plan (15th February 2016)

Short and sweet, feeling a bit blah.

In work Monday and Tuesday and off for the rest of the week. Electric board coming to do some work and visit to the dentist. Highlight of the week is visiting the National Media Museum at Bradford. Emma is doing a Media course so it should be of interest to her and there is a gaming gallery for Matthew.

Monday - Chicken and broccoli pasta bake
Tuesday - Quick and simple - all eating at different times and places
Wednesday - Out for the day so wherever takes our fancy
Thursday - Slimming World Singapore Vermicelli
Friday -  Slow cooked beef brisket
Saturday- Steak Hotpot
Sunday - Crispy duck with pancakes and dim sum

Linking up with Mrs M and Organising Junkie.

Enjoy your week whatever it may bring.