Friday, 5 February 2016

Organising Challenge Weeks 2 & 3

Week 2’s challenge was to organise papers and get rid of old paperwork. Unfortunately that didn’t happen until week 3. Instead I did week 15’s challenge of sorting out Shoes and Handbags. This came about because I ended up buying a new chest of drawers. Whilst I was sorting the new drawers out I decided to extend that to sorting out and tidying my wardrobe and my divan drawers. I ended up with a large black bin bag full of belts, ½ dozen pair of shoes and several handbags. My shoes and bags now fit better into the spaces allocated for them.

I could not believe how much paperwork I had accumulated that was no longer necessary. I shredded most of it as it still had personal information on it and as you can see it nearly filled the recycling bin

I have moved the filing cabinet out of the garage and have utilised an expanding folder in which to keep bills and paperwork related to this year only

The filing cabinet is only used for paperwork and documents that we have to keep such as passports, certificates, car info, mortgage etc.

Whilst I was doing this I also did the next challenge of making a note of all the account numbers and contact info into my planner so if I ever need them I am not scrabbling around for it.

I have a feeling that I will not be sticking to the dates I set in the challenge as Craig is on about sorting the garage and office out and they are not scheduled for at least another 9 -10 weeks. As long as the challenges get done then that is fine by me.