Friday, 30 October 2015

Packed Lunch Termly Plan

Matthew has been on packed lunches at school now for a couple of years and things can get repetitive as he is such a fussy eater. For this school year I decided to get him involved with deciding what he wants..  We looked at various websites for inspiration. Matthew thought most of them were a bit OTT and fussy but he got a couple of ideas (pitta pizzas and homemade lunchables) from them. My favourites were 100 Days of Real Food and The Kitchen Shed. Both these sites had some delicious looking lunches for children, but their children are obviously not as fussy as Matthew. 

I am also lucky in the fact that the school, although they encourage healthy eating, are not as strict as some when it comes to the content of lunchboxes. I know that there are things on this plan which would not be acceptable in some schools, but my philosophy towards food is everything in moderation.

This has been successful so I have decided to repeat  the plan below over the rest of the year and see whether he gets bored.

Week 1
Chicken wrap, carrot and yoghurt
Ritz crackers, cheese, cucumber, crepe
Pitta Pizza, squeezy yoghurt, cucumber
Chocolate spread sandwich, carrot, plain popcorn
Chicken paste sandwich,  grapes, carrot

Week 2
Chicken and rice, squeezy yoghurt, smoothie
Ham wrap, grapes, carrot
Crackers, cheese, crepe, smoothie
Beef paste sandwich, grapes, fruit string
Ham, carrots, grapes, cucumber, small bag crisps

Week 3
Pitta Pizza, Squeezy yoghurt, grapes
Hot Dog, cucumber, carrot, crepe
Roast Beef Sandwich, grapes, Aldi Groovy Bar
Rice with cucumber, carrot, smoothie
Chicken paste sandwich, small bag of crisps, smoothie

Week 4
Pasta and hotdog, grapes, smoothie
Ham Wrap, cucumber, biscuit
Carrots, Sweetcorn, cucumber, Brioche
Crackers, grapes, squeezy yoghurt
Chocolate spread sandwich, grapes

Week 5
Homemade Chicken Nuggets, grapes and carrots
Pancakes, carrot and cucumber
Chicken paste sandwich, Jelly, smoothie
Tortilla Chips, grated, cheese, sweetcorn, grapes, chocolate milk
Cooked chicken breast,  squeezy yoghurt, crepe

Week 6
Beef Paste sandwich, carrots, sweetcorn
Pasta and sweetcorn, squeezy yoghurt, grapes
Roast beef wrap, grapes, fruit strings
Chicken and rice, squeezy yoghurt, grapes
Chocolate spread sandwich, smoothie, sweetcorn

I know there are repeats but there is more variety than there has been in previous years. By using this plan it will also help with shopping and not panicking in the morning about what to give him for his lunch.