Wednesday, 6 April 2016

My Slimming World Menu Plan/Food Diary

To help me keep on top of what I am eating I did use the standard food diary you get when you join Slimming World. Although I did write down everything I ate I prefer a breakfast, lunch, dinner format so I designed my own. 

I decided not to include the Healthy A and Healthy B as a separate box as I would know just from looking. I have put Snack separate from Syns as the 'free' food would not be in that category. If a meal has a Syn value then I will include it with the meal. I also included mood as I know when I am feeling depressed or stressed then I would eat more of the wrong type of foods. My mood categories would be 'good' 'stressed', 'tired', 'depressed', 'sick' and 'Pre-menstrual' and I would use a different emoticon for each.

I did consider buying a food diary as some of the group members have done but by doing it myself then I am free to adapt it to fit my own needs. I use it initially to plan the meals but then it also acts as a food diary as well.

As things in life are subject to change, when I am planning for the week I write in  pencil and then when I have eaten what was planned or changed then I rub out the pencil and write in pen so I have a permanent record of what I have eaten that I can keep in my planner and refer back to whenever I am lacking inspiration.